I am heartsick -
For all the beauty I will never see,
For all the creatures I will never know,
For those who come after,
Who will only know,
The wonders I have seen,
The creatures I have known,
As images on a screen,
Or exhibits in a zoo.


We tell our stories.
Imparting bruises,
That sink into bones.
Trauma and resilience,
Parallel lines,
Creating new DNA,
That echoes through time.

We tell our stories.
Pain that led to vengeance,
Then forgiveness.
The sting of bitterness,
Washed away with the sweetness,
Of grapes,
Transformed as we were,
Crushed into a new form,
That spreads and stays,
The harder…

A poem on existential musings

We are living through the end of days.
So say the prophets,
Voices echoing through the past to present day,
A haunting litany of generations of pain,
Of fear and hope and agony –

We are living through the end of days.
We were all so clever, so sure,
The world will…

I’ve been in the environmental field fairly consistently for the last decade, whether studying or working, and I don’t want your thanks.

I graduated with a master’s degree in Environmental Change and Management, or as I describe it to people, climate change policy. During school and while job hunting my…

Thoughts from a California Blackout

There was darkness and light as I headed north over one of the most famous bridges in the world. The towers were radiating a warm glow, illuminated by endless lamps standing sentinel, regimentally spaced to light the way. To me, the Golden Gate has always represented home. Until I left…

Tomorrow, September 20th, starts a week long, international climate strike and it has come to my attention over the last few months that most Americans have no idea what I am talking about. Neither when I bring it up nor when I mention the organizations behind it.

I’ve only recently…

Brittany King

Writing on the climate crisis and whatever other existential dread captures my attention. MSc in Environmental Change & Management. So I know things.

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